Famous Operatic Choruses

These recordings are taken from existing publicly available YouTube videos.

I believe they are all in the correct key, and I have put here the best versions I could find, all balanced to be at the same volume for your listening enjoyment.

I’m sorry I am a little late getting them published.  As of today, Sept 30, I have all of them except a perfect version of Gudunov. Still looking!

To play from this web page, press the triangle play button BELOW where it says Download and song’s name.

To play a part again, click in the moving bar at the point you want to move to.

To download your own copy, or play it in your own audio player, click on the title of the song next to “Download”. If you download them into iTunes (from whence you can put them on an iPhone), or otherwise get them on something that will play them, they will show up in an album and folder named Famous Operatic Choruses.


Aida Triumphal Chorus

Download Aida Triumphal Chorus.mp3


Bartered Bride Opening Chorus (in Czech – could not find English)

Download 02-Bartered-Bride-Opening-Chorus.mp3


Boris Godunow Coronation Chorus – The problem here is that I have not been able to find a version just like ours, let alone in English.  So I edited the one I had, and I have everything but page 34.

Download 03-Boris-Gudunov-Coronation.mp3


Cavalleria Rusticana Opening Chorus of the Peasants 04

Download 05-Don-Pasquale-Servants-Chorus.mp3


Don Pasquale Servants Chorus – Latvian State Symphony Chorus

Download 05-Don-Pasquale-Servants-Chorus.mp3


Lohengrin Bridal Chorus – The Metropolitan Opera

Download 06-Lohengrin-Bridal-Chorus.mp3


Die Meistersinger von Nurenberg – Wach Auf Chorale

Download 07-Die-Meistersinger-Wach-Auf-Choral.mp3


I Pagliacci Bell Chorus

Download 08-Il-Pagliacci-Bell-Chorus.mp3


Samson et Delilah Chorus of the Philistines

Download 09-Samson-et-Delilah-Chorus-of-the-P.mp3.mp3


Il Trovatore Anvil Chorus

Download 10-Il-Trovatore-Anvil-Chorus.mp3

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