This is the same music I put on the web site last year.  Apparently I am missing 24 abd 25,  I will get them as soon as I can.

I found what I thought was a pretty good recording, free on the Internet,

I reorganized it a little to match what we are doing, and it seems to be in the right key.

Handel Messiah, Sir Thomas Beecham, Royal Philharmonic Chorus and Orchestra, 1959

To play from this web page, press the play button BELOW where it says Download and song’s name.

To play a part again, click in the moving bar at the point you want to move to.

To download your own copy, or play it in your own audio player, click on the title of the song next to “Download”. If you download them (see below) into iTunes, they will show up as LiberMusica and Messiah, in a folder named Sir Thomas Beecham as the Artist.

Download 04-Messiah-04-And-the-glory-of-the-L.mp3  (Chorus at 6:10)


Download 07-Messiah-07-And-he-shall-purify.mp3


Download 09-Messiah-09-O-thou-that-tellest-go.mp3


Download 12-Messiah-12-For-unto-us-a-child-is.mp3


Download 17-Messiah-17-Glory-to-God.mp3


Download 21-Messiah-21-His-yoke-is-easy.mp3


Download 26-Messiah-26-And-we-like-sheep.mp3


Download 33-Messiah-33-Lift-up-your-heads.mp3


Download 44-Messiah-44-Hallelujah.mp3


Download 46-Messiah-46-Since-by-man-came-death.mp3


Download 53-Messiah-53-Worthy-is-the-lamb.mp3


2 thoughts on “Messiah

  1. JB:

    The fall music really helped me learn the music. I liked having in my ITunes so it could be on all of my devices.

    Thanks for doing the Messiah. The down load was successful

    Tim Gieseke

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